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Property Valuation – Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your company offer?

We do mainly property valuations, but also provide advisory services to property funds, property investors and property developers. In addition, we share a working relationship with renowned brokering firms specialised in the residential, retail, commercial and industrial property sector.

In which geographical areas do you provide services?
We are based in Port Louis, Mauritius, but service the entire Mauritius and the neighbouring Southern African countries upon request.

Why use Aestima Ltd?
The professional team at Aestima will ensure that you receive an accurate, well researched and professional valuation report, which are accepted by Mauritius top financial institutions. Our research database and interaction with property practitioners in the markets, ensures that we are kept abreast with current market trends.

Why should I have my property valued?
Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, an executor of a deceased estate, undergoing a rent review, or seeking finance for any reason, you will need to know the market value of your property. Aestima will provide you with an accurate, independent market value, which is supported by our market research which includes sales and / or market rentals.

Is a Professional Valuation the same as an Estate Agent’s Valuation?
No, a valuation (appraisal) carried out by an estate agent is not recognised by the Mauritian Courts of Law, unless the estate agent is a registered valuer. A person registered as a valuer by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors should hold the required tertiary qualifications and have sufficient property valuation experience. Only property valuations carried out by Registered Professional Valuers are recognised in the property industry.

What is involved in preparing a Valuation Report?
The valuer will liaise with the client to inspect the property and to take external measurements should no floor plans be available. The valuer will further conduct market research and consult with the governing Local Authority to ascertain the property’s zoning classification, land use options and whether the property complies with all relevant, applicable and prevailing statute, laws, regulations and bylaws, and that its use is not unlawful.

How long does it take to have a property valued?
A residential valuation request can usually be completed within 2 – 4 working days, while commercial and industrial valuations within 4– 8 working days. The turn around times is estimation, but can vary according to the complexity of the valuation.